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Our Story...

Gary and Kathleen are native Iowans, who currently reside near Madrid, Iowa.


Gary has been photographing for over 50 years.  He began with film and moved to digital photography, enhancing his skills through photo workshops and seminars, and striving to understand more about the birds, insects, plants and animals that share our world. 

Kathleen has had an interest in photography for several years, first taking snapshots of the gardens and pets, then becoming more active especially in landscape photography.

Gary enjoys photographing nature in any form, but also finds pleasure in capturing uncommon views of common subjects, with the Des Moines area offering many beautiful opportunities. His photos are primarily of Iowa, but he and Kathleen also enjoy traveling and capturing photos around the United States.  State, county and National Parks are favorite places to shoot photos. Weekend trips and vacations are always planned with photographic opportunities in mind.  Residing near several parks and their own bird and butterfly gardens provide opportunities to photograph birds and wildlife.

The Des Moines area provides lots of green space, an interesting cityscape, and beautiful architecture, both historic and modern.  Both Kathleen and Gary enjoy exploring the ever changing metro area.

Gary's award winning photography is featured in the newly published 'Iowa State Capitol Visitor Guide', in addition to being published in calendars and magazines.  His photographs have appeared in several exhibits including the Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge, the Ankeny Art Center, Mary Greeley Medical Center, Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge (Sanibel, Florida), State Library (Des Moines), Grinnell Regional Medical Center and Octagon Center for the Arts (Ames).

Gary says they rarely go more than a few days without taking a photo of something...even though it may be as non-exotic as the family cat, a garden butterfly, or flower. They hope you'll enjoy the photos!



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